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Best Places to Ride Your Bike Key West

Key West is a bike-friendly town that has a lot to offer tourists and locals alike. If you’ll be coming to the area for a vacation, whether you’re staying for a few days or a few weeks, you want to have a means of getting around the island that’s quick and easy. choosing bicycle rentals in Key West is a great choice. Not only will getting around be easier, but it will also be fun. The rides on the bike will be just as memorable and fun as the other elements of your vacation.

Why Bike on Key West?

Key West has beautiful weather, for starters. Additionally, it’s only 4.2 square miles, which means it’s easy to get to just about anywhere you might want to go on the bike in a short time. Whether you’re looking for fun in the sun or some historical sites to explore, you’ll find it in Key West.

Of course, you might be wondering just where you can go when you have a bike. Fortunately, the answer is just about everywhere since the island is so easy to navigate. 

Consider biking around West Martello Tower. It’s one of the old forts on the small island, and it’s been turned into a botanical garden. You can head from there to Smathers Beach, which provides a nice bike trail right along the beach and boardwalk. When you follow the trail, you’ll pass Fort East Martello and then reach Cow Key Channel.

It’s also a lot of fun to visit the historic district. You could head along Roosevelt Blvd. to reach the historic district. You’ll find plenty of other places that you can visit, too including Fort Zachary Taylor and the park, the Shipwreck Museum, the Little White House, which was the winter home of Harry Truman, and so much more. The island is filled with history, beautiful locations, and plenty to see and do for everyone in the family.

There are plenty of places around the island where you can shop, dine, and find entertainment. You’ll typically find places where you can lock up your bike when you’re having a meal or taking a walk, as well.


Have Fun and Be Safe

Bicycle rentals in Key West are an ideal way to see more of the island and to experience it on a different level. As you can see, there are plenty of places where you can go and things to do with your bike.

Of course, you also need to be careful. Although drivers are accustomed to bikes, you still need to pay attention to the rules of the road and be wary of drivers and pedestrians to ensure you have a great time. Wear a helmet, keep your lights on if you ride at night, and be sure to lock your bike up whenever you have to step away from it. Rent a bike for your vacation and enjoy Key West in a whole new way. 

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