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Different Types of Bicycle Rentals

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend some time on a bike during your next vacation? Instead of being in a car you rent or relying on rideshare services, having a bike that you can take from your hotel to get around Key West is a great option. Bicycle rentals in Key West are a great option whether you are traveling alone, with friends, or with the entire family.  However, you will want to know more about the types of bicycle rentals that are typically available.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruise bikes are comfortable to ride and will provide you with a great way to get around Key West. The bikes have lightweight aluminum frames and provide riders with a smooth and easy experience. The seats on these bikes tend to be comfortable, as well, so you can cruise the entire island without worrying about needing to stop. These types of bikes have a classic style that helps to make them one of the most popular types of options for riders. These are adult bikes and are generally recommended for those who are at least 11 or older.

Sports Cruisers

Sports cruisers have a similar appearance to typical cruisers, and they also have a lightweight aluminum frame. They have a nice appearance, and they are easy to ride and handle. They are also comfortable and will be a great choice to bring to the beach. The best sports cruisers will have a high-quality drivetrain and easy braking, which can make them even more appealing than typical cruisers.

Bikes for Kids

Of course, if you are bringing kids along with you, you’ll want to be sure that the rental facility you choose offers bikes for kids. These types of bikes will typically be aimed at kids who are between five and 10 years old and will have just a single speed and coaster brakes. They will also feature quality tires, which can add more safety for smaller cyclists. If you have a child that’s taller and more accustomed to adult bikes, then you may want to choose an adult bike for them instead.

Tandem Bikes

A tandem bike can be a fun experience when you are visiting the area. These classic bikes allow two people on the same bike, which can be nice for a couple that wants to experience Key West in a fun and interesting way. Quality tandem bikes will provide a smooth and comfortable ride for both riders. It’s a different way to enjoy your time on the island.

These are some of the most popular types of bikes that will work well for touring Key West. Getting onto a bike is one of the best ways to experience everything that this location has to offer. From the beaches to the tourist destinations, it is a bike-friendly city you are sure to love.

Take some time to think about the types of bicycle rentals in Key West that would be best for you, and then book your rentals. You will have a great time experiencing all that the area has to offer on a bike. Get some exercise, fresh air, and enjoy all that Key West can offer on the bike that’s right for you.

When it comes to Key West bicycle rentals, Island Safari Rentals has everything you are looking for. Whether it comes to the largest selection of bike rentals in Key West or the best types, we even offer tandem bike rentals. Island Safari Rentals offers all things Key West bicycle rentals – so stop by today, give us a call, or check out our website to get started.