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[Bike Rentals] Biking in Key West: How to Rent and Where to Go

Key West, FL is a beautiful place to spend your vacation. If you want to get the most out of your trip, you may find that bicycle rentals are a great option to consider. Of course, if you’ve never rented a bike, you might not know what you need to look for. If you’ve never been to Key West, you might not know where to go. It’s time to remedy these issues.

How to Rent a Bike in Key West, FL

The first thing you should do is make sure you know when you will be taking your vacation. Bike rentals are popular, which means if you wait until the last minute, you may find that there aren’t any rentals available. Consider booking the rentals ahead of time. This way, you can be sure the bikes you need will be there when you arrive.

Additionally, you should make sure that you look at the types of bicycles offered to ensure they will work for your needs. Does the rental company offer cruisers? Do they have bikes for kids? If you are traveling with children, this is an important consideration. You may also want to see if they have tandem bikes. Those bikes built for two can be fun to ride.

In addition to the bikes, what other gear does the company provide? You want to be sure that they can provide the helmets and safety gear that you need. Since you need to have lights on the bikes you ride in Key West when you are out after dark, make sure the bikes are equipped with them.

Of course, you also need to think about the cost when renting. You will typically find good rates for daily rentals, but you might get an even better deal when you rent the bikes for at least a week.

Where to Ride

Why do people like the idea of bicycle rentals in Key West, FL? It’s because it is a great way to see everything that the area has to offer. This is a bike-friendly town, and it only measures 4.2 square miles. You can head to one of the beaches, or visit West Martello Tower, one of the forts. You could also visit Fort Zachary Taylor and the park. There are some great historical locations in the area, along with a host of places where you can shop and dine.

Because the area is bike-friendly, you should not have trouble finding places where you can keep and lock up the bike when out and about. It’s also nice to have a bike to visit these locations because you won’t have to worry about finding parking.

Find a Quality Rental Company

Always make sure that you are choosing bicycle rentals in Key West, FL from a company that has a good reputation and the types of bikes that you want to rent. They should offer safety equipment, along with locks for the bike. Get in touch and book your bikes early, as mentioned, so you don’t have to worry about being out of luck when you arrive. For the biggest selection of Key West bike rentals or bicycle rentals, stop by Island Safari Rentals today.