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The Keys to a Great Vacation with Bike Rentals

Have you ever headed into Key West and wished you had a bike to take you to the beaches? Maybe you’ve considered bringing your own but decided against it. There are tons of exceptional reasons to ride a bike on vacation, some of which you might be surprised by. Thankfully, you don’t have to pack and haul your back to Key West on a vacation, since bike rental companies have exactly what you need.


Easier Travel Experience


One of the reasons people don’t vacation by bike is because getting to Key West with a bike can be a hassle. If you’re heading to the island by car, you can bring a bike along, but it can be a bit awkward. However, those traveling in a group might have trouble if everyone wants to bring along their bicycle. It could leave you with too little room in the vehicle. Those coming in by bus, plane, or train may have no option to bring along a bike. With a bike rental, all of those issues fade away.


No More Parking Issues


If you plan to spend time at tourist attractions in Key West, finding parking can be a real challenge. Whether you rent a car or bring your own, you may end up circling the area time after time to find a parking spot. Walking isn’t always an option when the places you want to visit are miles from each other. With a rental bike, you can travel farther and won’t have to worry about paying parking costs every time you go somewhere new.


Stay Healthy


When you spend the day riding from one beach to the next, you and your friends will have more fun than cramming into a car over and over. Biking is a great group activity that comes with substantial exercise to keep you healthy. While you might not think about exercising while on vacation, bike riding makes it happen in a natural and fun way. It’s going to be more palatable than heading to a gym or working out and can make up for some of the great food you enjoy in Key West.


Makes for a Better Night’s Sleep


Once you’ve spent the day riding around Key West taking in the sights and the fresh air, you’re likely going to be tired. This kind of tiredness is the good kind that helps you sleep better at night. It might seem like this isn’t a big deal while on a vacation, but consider the upcoming day. If you are well-rested, you’ll be ready to start another big journey.


Easy Trip Home


It’s never fun to pack up and start the process of going home. You likely have luggage that is stuffed to the brim with souvenirs and other items found when shopping. If you rent a bike in Key West, you won’t have your own to lug home with you. It can take a load off since there’s less packing to do before you say goodbye to Florida.


Rent Bikes in the Heart of Key West


For the top Key West bicycle rentals, Island Safari Rentals has you covered with cruisers, tandem bikes, and even options for kids. All of the bicycles come with accessories like helmets and lights to keep you safe at all times of the day. Reach out to us now for more information. We offer the largest selection of Key West bike rentals, along with island bikes, and all things fun rentals Key West.