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Best Spots to Take the Family on Bikes in Key West | Bike Rentals

One of the most exciting ways to get around Key West is on a bicycle. It gives you total mobility, offers a way to exercise, and provides a unique way to get around the small island. There’s no need to bring your own bike on vacation since there are various companies that rent out bicycles of all kinds. 


Once you have a bike ready and you want to take a trek, you might be wondering exactly where you should go. That’s exactly where we can help. We’ll share a variety of bike-friendly places to go that accommodate families who are on vacation in Florida.


Harbor Walk and Historic Seaport


Take in the view of mega yachts, vintage schooners, dive boats, and fishing charters when you ride your rental bike to the Key West Bight. It’s a place to take in the sea, and even the kids will be excited to look out on all the different types of boats. This is a very bike-friendly location and it happens to have a lot for families to do. The area is filled with waterfront shops, hotels, restaurants, and much more.


Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum


For families with older kids who have read a few classic novels, why not bike down to the home of Ernest Hemingway? Hemingway is the most famous resident of Key West, who lived on the island from 1931 through 1938. He wrote several classics during the time he spent in Key West, such as “To Have and Have Not” and “The Snows of Kilimanjaro.” While the family is biking in the area, make sure to stop across the way at the Key West Lighthouse to take some great photos.


Smathers Beach


If you’re going to be in Florida, you probably want to spend some time on the beach. Those who have rented a bicycle should consider seeking out Smathers Beach. It has a large bike path and only sand dunes stand in the way of experiencing the longest beach in the city. As you move farther past the beach, you’ll be up against a low seawall where you can take in the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean.


East Martello Tower


If you want to add some education to your family vacation, consider renting bikes and heading to East Martello Tower. It’s the twin to the West Martello Tower located on Higgs Beach. This tower is a museum that gives you information about the cultural past of Key West. There are all sorts of exhibits including art and artifacts that show off the illustrious history of this location. 


Mallory Square


Take your bikes to Mallory Square at the end of the day to take part in the sunset celebration. Kids and adults alike can hang out with hundreds of other onlookers to see the sunset on the sea. Beyond that, this location has tons of attractions for those of any age. Some of them include the Key West Aquarium, the Custom House, the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum, and the Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum.


Pedal Your Way Across Key West


Biking is a great way to enjoy everything that Key West has to offer and Island Safari Rentals makes pedaling along the beaches a breeze. Choose a sports cruiser, an adult cruiser, or a tandem bike and explore every pocket of the island. Get in touch with us today to learn more! We offer Key West fun rentals, Key West bike rentals, and even tandem bike rentals! Get started today.