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Your Guide to Getting a Key West Bike Rental

Key West, FL is a wonderful place for a vacation, and one of the best ways to get around the island and see everything that you want is on a bike – so why not get a Key West bike rental? Of course, you probably aren’t traveling with your own bikes. Fortunately, you can find quality bicycle rentals, so you can enjoy the experience of getting out and riding.

Benefits of Renting a Bike in Key West, FL

Why would you want to choose bicycle rentals? You’ll find quite a few reasons. First, it’s convenient. You can ride the bikes to or near just about any attraction and destination that you might want. There are places to lock up your bike at most eateries, for example.

Having a bike also means that you get out into the great weather and experience the city in a way that you couldn’t in a car. You might move at a slower pace, but you can still often get places faster since it’s easier to deal with traffic. Of course, having a bike also ensures that you are getting some exercise, so you don’t feel guilty about having a dessert.

Choose the Right Type of Bike

Always make sure that you are choosing the right type of bike for your needs. You can find some great cruisers and sports cruisers for adults. If you are traveling with kids, though, you will also need to choose some bikes that are appropriate for the kid’s size. You can also find tandem bikes that can be a lot of fun for couples or family members.

Know How Long You Need the Bike Rentals

You should consider how many days you will need to have the bike rentals. While you might think that you only need the bike for one or two days, it might be a better idea to rent the bikes for an entire week. This way, you have the option of riding whenever the mood strikes.

Know the Road Rules and Stay Safe

If you want to have a good time and a safe time once you get your bike, make sure you follow the rules of the road. In Key West, FL, you can ride on the sidewalks on all streets except Duvall Street if needed. Also, if you are riding at night, you need to have a light on your bike. Helmets may not be required by the law for riding bikes, but it’s always a good idea to use this safety precaution.

Keep the Bicycle Rentals Secure

You don’t want anything to happen to the bike that you rent, so make sure you use the bike locks whenever you have to leave the bike. Even if you are leaving for just a few minutes to grab a drink, lock up the bike.

Choose a Quality Key West Bike Rental Company

Always make sure you choose a quality bike company that has the bicycle rentals that are right for you and your family. Check to see what types of bikes and accessories they offer. Does the bike come with a light so you can ride at night? Does it come with a helmet? Are there other options such as a bike trailer or tug along that you can use with the kids or their bikes? Choose a great company and have a wonderful time on your Key West, FL vacation. Come and visit us at Island Safari Rentals for the best selection of Key West bike rentals including Key West tandem bike rentals. We have bike rentals for the whole family. Contact us here or check out our full selection of available rentals

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