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What to Know When Renting a Bike in Key West

Key West is an awesome vacation spot, so why not enjoy it with some Key West bike rentals? The island has a lot to be unpacked by tourists and for every time you return, there is something new to be discovered in Key West. How better to discover the city you are vacationing in than a bicycle ride around its best spots? Key West is a bike-friendly city and renting a bike is the best way to blend in with the locals. You can rent a cruiser bike, tandem bike, single seater, or two-seater bicycle, depending on your travel company and preference. You can also check out some of the amazing sights and locations in Key West. But, most importantly, before you walk down to a rental company, there are few things you need to know when renting a bike in Key West. 


Eligibility for renting a bike 

Unlike scooters that require a driver’s licence, almost anyone can rent a bike in Key West. You just have to be of the age required by the rental company. Due to the sizes and designs of some bikes, only people aged 11 and above are allowed to rent them. If you can ride a bike then you can rent a bike in Key West. 


Rules for cycling 

Key West has one of the largest cycling communities so it may seem as though a lot of errors fly under the radar, but they don’t. There are rules that apply to cycling in Key West. And it is important that you get familiar with them before renting a bike. There are bike lanes to ride on main roads but most areas of Key West allow you to ride on the sidewalk, as long as there’s room for pedestrians. However, areas like Duval Street don’t allow for sidewalk cycling so it is important to note that. Also, if you are cycling at night, you need to have a headlamp and if the bike doesn’t come with one, you are expected to get in order to avoid any accident or damage to property. 


The condition of the bike 

Bicycles can be low maintenance but you should never take the risk of renting a bike without checking its condition. Before leaving the rental company you should check the wheels, brake, horn(if applicable), and lights (if applicable) of the bicycle you want to rent. You need to pay attention to the condition of the bike in order to avoid damages or accident. At Island Safari Rentals, our bikes are in great shape and your comfort is guaranteed. 


Renting a bike in Key West is the first step to enjoying all that the island has to offer! With a rental bike from Island Safari Rentals, you can take in the sights, find new experiences, and enjoy a perfect vacation. At Island Safari Rentals, we have adult cruisers, sport cruisers, tandem bicycles, and kids’ bikes to give you the full cycling experience. Check out our bike rental types and get a perfect fit for your taste and trip! Whether you need a Key West bike rental or a Key West tandem bike rental, we have all your Key West bike rental needs. Come into Island Safari Rentals of Key West or contact us today to get started.