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Best Spots on the Island to Take Your Key West Bike Rentals

Choosing to get a Key West Bike rental can be a great idea when you’re exploring Key West. Traveling by bicycle gives you the fast track to exploring all of the island’s nature exhibits and hidden gems. 

There are many great bike destinations you’ve probably heard about, and some maybe you haven’t heard about. If you’re planning on cycling your way around Key West, don’t pull the trigger until you read this article. These are the best Key West destinations to hit on your rented bike. 

Key West Cemetery

It might seem a little morbid, but this is actually a great place to check out if you’re cycling through Key West. There are definitely more scenic areas, but this contains some special history surrounding the area.

There are some historic gravesites and crypts housed in the Key West Cemetery. 

  • “Sloppy” Joe Russell
  • William Curry
  • Ellen Mallory

The headstones and stonework throughout the graveyard are stunning, as well. The small roads that wind through the grounds are great for riding a bike. 

Mallory Square

This area is named after the above-listed Ellen Mallory’s son. This area really comes alive at sunset, with many street performers and artisans hitting the streets to mingle with the tourists. 

There’s also the aquarium and two shipwreck museums that are closeby. This is a great area to cycle to and park your bike for local fare. 

Hemingway House

Ernest Hemingway was Key West’s most notable resident. He called the area home from 1931 to 1939. He wrote the classic “To Have and to Have Not” while he resided in Key West. 

Inside his old home, you will find old family photos and lots of memorabilia. You will also learn about the history of the cats that resided on the property as well. Across the street is a beautiful 73-foot lighthouse that Hemingway often drew motivation from. 

The Southernmost Point

It’s impossible to take a trip to Key West without cycling to this famous marker on the tip of the island. The big red concrete statue is probably the most photographed object in Key West. 

This marks the southern tip of the United States and is only 90 miles from Cuba. The marker was built in 1983. 

Smathers Beach

This is a beautiful beach to take a bicycle ride to; you’ll know you’re there by the sand dunes that separate the bike path from the beach. Smathers Beach is the longest in Key West and is home to a seawall you can ride on that has beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

This Key West ocean park has Civil War-era tales to be told about its history and is home to a fort from that period. You’ll find this park great for a bike ride and a picnic on the beach. 


Get Your Key West Bike Rentals With Us

If you’re traveling to Key West, biking is one of the best ways to maneuver around the island. These are just some of the fantastic locations to pedal to when you’re sightseeing. 

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