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Getting a Key West Bike Rental – What to Know and Where to Go

Why get a Key West bike rental? When coming to Key West, one of the best things to do is—you guessed it—bike! Key West is an incredibly bike-friendly place, and the size of the island makes for a fun day trip. This means you can explore all that this beautiful stretch of land has to offer with the convenience and speed of a bicycle.

What to Know

If you’ve decided to ride around Key West on a bike, there are some things you need to know (other than the fact that the vistas will be fantastic)! 

Don’t worry, we’ll let you know all the essential information you need to know to have a good time!

Safety Tips—Follow the Law

Firstly, when riding a bike on the roads of Key West, you must follow all driving laws as if you were a car. If you plan on cruising with children, make sure to talk with them about street safety, and familiarize everyone with Florida Driving laws. 

Key West has relatively low speed limits across the island, making it safer for bikers and pedestrians alike.

Secondly, bike lights are required for night riding in Key West. If you rent with Island Safari, each of our bikes comes with a complimentary bike light, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost in the darkness.

Thirdly, be safe. Don’t forget to lock your bike up before leaving it unattended. Plus, with Island Safari Rentals, we also provide a lock and key for each bike you rent.

Where to Go

When exploring Key West on a bicycle there are a few spots you must go.

Visit the Beaches

Look at the Bike Trails and take in the soft sands and tropical beaches of Key West. Enjoy the weather or just take in the expansive vista. From South Beach to Simonton Beach, on a bike, you can easily see them all.

Tour Duval Street

If you’re in the mood for shopping and food, then Duval Street is the place for you. The shops are expansive, and so are bars, so you can make a day of enjoying this bit of urban appeal in our island town.

Note: When riding a bike, you can ride on the sidewalk almost everywhere in Key West except on Duval Street. Make sure to lock up your bike somewhere busy before you go exploring or just stick to the streets!

Get Your Key West Bike Rentals from the Best

When you decide to take the opportunity to ride around Key West on a bike, you should choose Island Safari Rentals  for your bike renting needs.

Whether you’re taking a day off from cruising on a fantastic vacation to look around the island, or you’re a local looking to rent a bike for a day out with family, Island Safari has a bike for you. With a wide selection of bicycles, you can find a single or multiple bikes that fit any need or skill level. Enjoy your time out by using a convenient bicycle provided by Island Safari Rentals, the #1 rated bike rental in Key West! We have the largest selection of Key West bike rentals on the island. We offer Key West tandem bike rentals, Key West bicycle rentals, and all types of fun rentals Key West. Visit our website here to see what we offer. 

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