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Road Laws: Riding Your Key West Bike Rental Around Town

Getting a Key West bike rental can turn out to be a fantastic decision. One of the most common sights in Key West is people of all ages riding bikes around the island. From tourists to locals, there are probably more cyclists than motorists on Key West roads. Given how common and accepted cycling is in Key West, it is expected that the island has to enforce some laws surrounding the use of bikes. Key West has road laws to caution bikers on conduct while parking and cycling around town. There are also laws about the conditions for riding and necessary equipment. If you plan on touring Key West while riding your bike, here are some of the road laws that you should keep in mind.

Riding on a one-way street is prohibited.

Riding bicycles on a one-way street may seem less risky since it is not a car, but it still holds chances of an accident and is incredibly frowned upon as it is considered a violation in Key West. Bikers can ride on the sidewalk of any standard street in Key West, except Duval Street, so it is handled seriously when a biker rides on a one-way street. 

Follow designated bike routes

There are street routes designated to bikers in Key West marked with symbols to signify that they are meant for bike riders. This makes it easy and safe to navigate the roads in Key West, especially when there is traffic congestion for motorists. 

Obey all traffic laws

Bikes are classified as vehicles in Key West and, as such, riders have the obligation of complying with all traffic laws. It is important to note that bike lights must be on when driving at night. Obey traffic lights, follow road signs, and keep your helmet firmly fixed on your head while riding around town. Traffic laws protect all riders, motorists, and pedestrians on the road, so you have to comply while cycling in Key West.

Driving under the influence 

Riding your bike under the influence of alcohol or drugs is considered a criminal act in Key West. A DUI (Driving Under the Influence) charge implies that you have ingested substances that can impair your ability to ride safely, putting yourself and other road users at risk.

Riding on sidewalks

Riding bikes on the sidewalk is permitted by the authorities in Key West. The sidewalk on Duval street, where cycling is prohibited, is the only exclusion to this permission. It is advisable to ride on the right side of the street to be in favorable flow with the traffic. When riding on sidewalks, remember to always give room for pedestrians as they have right of way on the path. 

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