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The Different Types of Bike Rentals We Offer

If you’re in Key West and you’re looking to rent a bike, or you’re planning a trip and want to book ahead, you’re in luck. Biking is one of the most popular ways for people to get around this island. Locals and tourists alike love biking and riding scooters through the trails, narrow streets, beaches, and through town. There are several different options available, too, ensuring that everyone has the vacation of their dreams. 

Solo or Group Rides

We’ve got a full selection of solo bikes, including cruisers, sports cruisers for the beach and off-road trails, and even a host of kids’ bikes so that the whole family can enjoy the ride. Your first decision is going to be how many riders you have and what kind of bikes they need. If you just need a couple of adult bikes, you won’t have to look far. If you want something of specialty nature, however, be prepared to pay a premium. 

One cool option that we do offer that you might enjoy is a tandem bike. You can partner up and hop on for the ride, sharing a cruise about town and showing off your teamwork skills. It’s a fun way to add even more to your vacation and try something new. You’re already in a new place and exploring new things, so why not consider a tandem bike?

Trailers and Tugs

Of course, what’s a bike rental without the accessories that you need? If you’re planning to transport your bike(s) around the island or anywhere else, you’ll want to consider investing in a proper trailer or bike storage and transport solution. Trailers are a great way to keep bikes protected and organized so that they can be moved easily when they’re not being ridden. 

Tugs are another item that we offer and these are ideal for families. A tug-along will allow you to bring small children even if they can’t ride a bike. Just sit them in the tug-along carrier, attach it to the bike, and off you go. It’s a great way to get the whole family out and about even if you’ve got little ones that can’t quite bike on their own yet.

We have all of the accessories and add-ons that you need to make more of your biking experience in Key West, no matter what you have in mind. 

How to Choose

If you’re just cruising the streets and exploring the town, a standard cruiser would do just fine. However, if you want to explore the beaches, trails, and other areas where the terrain may be a bit more rugged, a sport cruiser or mountain bike might be a better choice. There’s an option for just about everyone and even if you book now and change your mind later, you’ll be able to update your reservation with ease. 

When all else fails, ask. Our rental pros know all about biking around Key West and how to enjoy the perfect ride. We can help you consider all of your options and choose the bike(s) that fit your getaway. For single-day rentals or long-term use, bikes are available to make your Key West vacation everything you hoped it would be. At Island Safari Rentals, we offer the biggest selection of Key West bicycle rentals. We offer Key West tandem bike rentals as well as Key West bike rentals. When it comes to Key West fun rentals, we have it all! Come see us today.