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Key West Bike Rental Pricing – How Much Does it Cost?

Renting a bike is one of the most popular ways to get around and explore Key West. Those who are traveling with a family or who want something more active than a scooter or electric vehicle rental will enjoy the selection of bikes available for rent. Some plan ahead and reserve bike rentals for their entire stay. Others will decide to rent bikes once they arrive, realizing they might have gotten a better deal or better selection if they’d planned ahead. 

That’s why we want to take a minute to talk about how much bike rentals cost. Not only are they a fun way to see the island, but they offer an affordable choice for people who are traveling on a budget. Most of the time, you can rent a bike for as little as $10-$12 per day, and sometimes even less if you choose to rent for a longer-term or if you rent multiple bikes when you’re traveling with a group or family. 

Bike Rental Pricing Factors

Like all rentals, the prices are based on the local market and supply and demand. Therefore, bike rentals will be more expensive during peak times, such as the summer months, key tourist holidays and seasons, and even on weekends, as opposed to weekdays. Knowing this will help you plan for a better bike rental from the start, which can help you save money. 

A family of four can easily rent bikes in Key West for two days without spending more than $100, which is about what you’d spend to rent a car for a single day and you wouldn’t have nearly as much fun. 

Cost By Bike Type

One factor that impacts the rate for bike rentals is the type of bike being rented. Standard bikes and cruisers, for example, will be cheaper than mountain bikes, sport cruisers, or other specialty bikes. You’ll probably also spend less on kids’ bikes, and you can find good deals on trailers or tug-alongs when you are renting other bikes along with them. If you want to treat yourself, consider upgrading to a tandem bike for a fun experience—plus, it’s just a few dollars more. 

Consider what’s included in the rental too. Does the bike include a basket for carrying things around? Are there lights for riding in the dark? These things will impact what you pay, as well as what you get for your money, so they’re important to consider when booking your own rentals. 

Budget Accordingly

If you are traveling alone, you could easily spend less than $75 to rent a bike for a week or more while you are in Key West. Some places even have long-term specials and deals to save you even more. A family could rent bikes for less than you expect, too, so be sure to ask for a full-price quote before you book to find out exactly what you’re paying for. With so much competition and so many types of bikes, you’ll never end up paying more than you want. It’s a fun way to see this beautiful island and it doesn’t cost much at all. If you are in Key West looking for the best selection of Key West bike rentals, come visit Island Safari Rentals to check out our selection of fun rentals in Key West. We even offer Key West tandem bike rentals – come see us today to get started.