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Tips to Enjoy Your Bike Rentals with the Whole Family

Hopping on a Key West bicycle rental and going for a ride can be an enjoyable experience for both kids and adults. It can also act as a great form of entertainment when you’re on vacation as a family. Bike rental shops are located in top vacation areas, such as Key West, and have an assortment of cycles for people of all kinds.


While it might be difficult to get kids excited about doing a walking tour of the city, that isn’t the case when there is a bicycle involved. Instead of getting bored and cranky from walking, they’ll be energized and excited for hours. City bike tours with rental cycles are great ways to make family traveling fun for everyone. It also gives you the chance to take in places you might not see in a car.


This blog will look at some tips that can help you enjoy time in a new location with your kids and a set of rental bikes.


Size Before Going on Vacation


Before you head to a bike rental shop in a new city, do a little bit of work at home. Before the trip, check the bike wheel sizes for the little ones. This will give you the information you need to share with bike rental companies to ensure you get comfortable bikes. The kids should be able to stand while on top of the bike with both feet touching the ground.


Get in Touch with Rental Companies Early


As a family, you’re going to need several bikes and the sizes will likely vary. You can’t always assume you will walk into a rental company and all those sizes will be available. We recommend calling the bike shop and checking on whether the bikes you need will be available. You can also ask about items like bike trailers for young riders. Make sure you also get helmets and other safety gear.


Ask About Safe Bike Routes


While you can ride a bike anywhere it’s allowed, with kids, you want to make sure you are in safe locations. After you’re sure the bike rental spot accommodates children and adults, this is a good time to ask about biking routes that are safe for the whole family. The good news is that if a bike company is operating in the area, there are likely routes that the entire family can enjoy. Don’t be afraid to ask for details.


Double Check the Bikes Before Riding


When you want to enjoy a fun and exciting bike ride with your family, you need to make sure the bike is in good shape. A few things you should check include:


  • Check the tire pressure.


  • Make sure you have a secure lock.


  • Be sure the seat posts are secure.


  • Bring money for snacks and water.


  • Ensure the chains are oiled.


  • Pack a tool kit, spare inner tube, tire pump, puncture kit, pressure gauge, and tire levers for each wheel size.


  • Check that the pedals smoothly spin.


  • Test that the brakes are working properly.


Enjoy Family Bike Trips with Key West Bike Rentals


Biking in Key West is fun for those of all ages with tons of fun attractions to take in. If you need a quality set of bikes for your vacation, Island Safari Rentals has all the items you need. Whether you want cruisers, Key West tandem bikes, kid bikes, or sporty bikes, you can book them for the days you’ll be in town. Get in touch with us today with any questions you have about our bikes and the best routes in town! Island Safari Rental offers the best selection of fun rentals in Key West, including island bike rental and Key West bicycle rentals. Visit our website to check out our bike selection here, and contact us to learn more here. Get in touch with us today to get started! 


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