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Breaking Down the Different Bike Rentals We Offer

Whether you live in Key West or are just coming into town to see the sights, you need a way to get around – so why not Key West bike rentals? Our city is the sort of place that offers peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation. It’s a place where you can live at your own pace and take part in only things that truly fill you with joy. Many people find that riding around town on a bike is a lot more fun than trying to find parking for a huge SUV.


At Island Safari Rentals, we know how soothing riding a bicycle can be. That’s why we offer a selection of bicycle rentals for those spending time in Key West. We offer sporty bikes for those who want to go fast, cruisers for those who want to take their time, and even bikes designed for kids. We pride ourselves on offering a bike for everyone.


Our Selection of Cruisers


Cruisers are popular options for getting around Key West and for a good reason. These bikes are comfortable, designed with an excellent aesthetic, and perfect for leisurely cycling from one attraction to the next. At Island Safari, we offer two different types of cruisers, so you can easily select the model that best fits your style and preferences.


  • Traditional Adult Cruiser – This cruiser is made of aluminum and promises an easy, smooth ride with great support. It has a single-speed design and a coaster brake to be simple to ride. It’s perfect for someone who wants an easy experience while enjoying the sunshine and warm breeze of the water.


  • Sports Cruiser – For those who want to spend time on the beach, the sports cruiser is a great option. These have large wheels that can easily move over sand. In addition, this bike comes with a SureStop single-lever brake and a seven-speed drivetrain.


Bikes Designed for Couples


If you want to ride a bike with a friend, family member, or partner, the tandem bike is a great solution. Instead of trying to keep up on two separate cycles, two people can hop on a single bicycle and share the work of pedaling and steering to reach a destination. All of our tandem bicycles are created to be comfortable and offer a smooth ride for both people. The bikes are made of lightweight aluminum and are simple to steer. In addition, they have a low-clearance top tube to streamline stopping and starting.


Children’s Bikes


If you have kids in your party, they’re going to want to have the chance to ride a bike with the adults, too. So we offer bikes designed for kids that work well for those between 5 and 10 years old. Each of these bikes has a coaster-brake and a single-speed so that even small tots can easily use them. Wide tires add to the stability and safety, especially on roads that may experience a coating of sand.


The Best Bike Rentals in Key West


At Island Safari Rentals, we offer a selection of bikes for people of all ages and ability levels. We also rent bike trailers and tug-alongs for smaller kids in the group. All bikes come with front and rear lights, helmets, a bike lock, and a basket. So get in touch with us today to rent your bicycle for that upcoming vacation in Florida. We offer the largest selection of Key West bike rentals, and we offer tandem bike rentals as well as island bike rentals. Stop by on the island or check out our website today to learn more or to get started.