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Key West Bike Rentals: Road Rules and Safety Tips

Key West is a unique island in Florida that offers one of the best biking experiences in America, so why not get a Key West bike rental? If you can cycle and you’re visiting Key West, then renting a bike is something you have to do! Before you hop on a bike though, there are some road rules and safety tips that you need to know. Ready to bike in Key West? Stick to these rules!

When it is Dark, Turn On Your Lights

It goes without saying that driving/cycling in the dark is not safe for you, other motorists/cyclists, and pedestrians. This road rule applies everywhere in the world, including Key West. If you are riding a bike at night, leave the lights on -whether it’s a rental or not. If the bike doesn’t come with headlights, look for alternative options in the rental company or buy easy-fix headlights if you plan to cycle at night. 

Maintain Bike Lanes and Sidewalks

Most places in Key West have bike lanes that you are expected to maintain if you are riding a bike. Sidewalks are also generally accepted paths for cyclists to ride on, except on Duval street. Riding a bike in Key West is exciting, but caution is a must. Avoid riding on the main roads to prevent being the victim or causing an accident. If you are riding on sidewalks, be cautious about your own environment and watch out for pedestrians around you. 

Pay Attention to One-Way Roads

Key West is very bike-friendly but one-way rules apply for cyclists as well as motorists. Keep your eyes peeled for one-way signage and avoid violating the road laws to prevent getting sanctioned or having your bike impounded. One-way signage is also beneficial to your safety because there could be oncoming vehicles or bikes that you will be moving against, rather than alongside. Pay attention to one-way roads and avoid them. You can ask locals or use navigation software to find alternative routes. 

Look Our for Prohibition Signs

In addition to one-way roads, there are some buildings and areas that do not allow for bike passage or parking. Look out for any signs prohibiting the use or park of bikes and avoid parking or riding your bike within the vicinity. If there is a prohibition sign and your bike is found in violation, you may lose access to it, which could incur more costs at the rental company. 

Right Hand Says the Right Side

The right side to ride/drive in Key West is your right hand side. This is especially important for tourists who live in areas where driving is on the left side. If you ever feel confused, you just have to remember that your right hand indicates the right side. Also, look around you to make sure you are flowing along with the traffic -not opposite it. 

Get Your Key West Bike Rental with Us

Renting a bike in Key West is a very special experience. But only if you keep to these road rules and safety tips. Avoid damaging the rental bike and causing injury to cyclists/pedestrians -have fun cycling in Key West! For the best selection of Key West bike rentals, be sure to stop by Island Safari Rentals. They offer all types of island bikes in Key West, including Key West tandem bike rentals, Key West bicycle rentals, and all types of fun rentals in Key West. Check out the Island Safari Rentals website to get started or call for more information.