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The Best Way to Get Around: Key West Bike Rentals

With bike lanes on most streets, it is not surprising that bikes are the most common mode of transportation in Key West – so why not get a Key West bike rental? To enjoy the full experience, you have to get around Key West while cycling. Not only will it help you blend it with the locals, it is fun, fast, and you never have to worry about parking. And if you are wondering about how to get the perfect bike for your trip, Key West Bike Rentals are the only answer you need. Here at Island Safari Rentals, we offer bicycle rentals to fit every type of traveler -and for every need. 


Key West Bike Rental Types


Adult Cruiser – Standard bicycles for people aged 11 and above. Perfect for solo trips around Key West. 


Sports Cruiser – An upgrade on the adult cruiser with larger wheels and better speed handling. Great choice for adventures and long trips across the island. 


Kids’ Bike – The children cannot miss out on any of the fun and adventure of Key West. Our Kids’ Bicycles are safe for children ages 5 to 10. 


Tandem Bicycle – Key West is a great location for an exciting getaway and you can enjoy it with your partner on our Tandem bicycles. Pedal in sync as you take in the beauty of Key West. 


Tag-A-Long and Bike Trailer – We also offer attachments for your young children to also enjoy the riding experience in Key West. The Tug-A-Long allows your children to pedal without any of the steering and braking control so you can take them on trips safely. The Bike trailer is attached to the main cruiser bike for children who are 4years and below to also come along for the fun. Our attachments can only be used with the cruiser bikes. 


But before getting on any of these hikes, here are a few things you should know. 


Tips for renting a bike 

Bike rentals are a common thing in Key West and they are a great way to blend with locals. But if it’s your first time in Key West, you need to pay extra caution when renting a bike. 


Get familiar with the laws and rules. 

Key West is bike-friendly and you can cycle on the sidewalk in most of the streets. However, it always helps to be extra cautious and learn the rules that apply to certain spots on the Island. For instance, you cannot ride on the sidewalk on Duval Street. 


Book your bike early 

To avoid disappointment, be sure to check for the availability of your preferred rental bike early enough and book it down. Demand can spike at certain periods and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the fun of cycling in Key West. 


Go for the weekly rentals 

Most rental services offer daily and weekly rental packages. If you will be in Key West for more than a few days, opt for the weekly rental option as it is typically less expensive. 


Get Your Key West Bike Rentals at Island Safari Rentals

Save costs, have fun, and experience the beauty of paradise in Key West! Island Safari Rentals offers the best bike rental types on the island! We offer all kinds of island bikes in Key West, including Key West tandem bike rentals – whatever type of bicycle rental in Key West you need, we offer it! Island Safari Rentals offers the best selection of Key West bike rentals and island bikes in Key West – we offer it all. Come see us today or check out our website to learn more or get started.