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Key West Bike Rentals – How Much Does it Cost?

With locals, visitors, and tourists riding around the island, if you are on Key West Island and you do not have a bike, you are sure to feel like you are missing out on something! But before heading into a bike rental business to request for your own slice of the Key West experience, you may want to check out the prices and be sure there’s room in your holiday budget for a bike rental. Bike rentals in Key West are relatively affordable for the comfort and quality you get, but being aware of the cost can definitely help you plan your days and expenses better. Keep reading for detailed answers on ‘how much does it cost?’


Based on the rental service.

Different rental services offer different packages at different rates. You just have to go with the best fit for your needs. And remember that the quality of the bikes you are renting is more important than getting a relatively cheap bike. 


Based on the type of bike and duration of use.

There are various types of rental bikes available in Key West and their charge varies based on the type of bike you are getting. 

Here at Island Safari Rentals, we offer some of the best bike selections with the best prices on the island. 

Adult Cruiser – From $12

The comfort of our adult cruiser bicycle can be experienced firsthand by anyone above the age of 11. You can rent the Island Safari Adult Cruiser bicycle for $12/day and $60/week. 

Sports Cruiser – From $16

An upgrade to the adult cruiser with large 26-inch wheels of this bike gives you the smooth glide that every cycler craves. The Sports Deluxe is available for rent at $16/day and $85/week. 

Kids’ Bicycle – From $10

The single-speed coaster-brake design of our children’s bikes are perfect for kids aged 5 to 10. Daily rentals for the Kids’ Bicycle starts at $10 per day, while weekly rentals are $50 for one-week and $100 for two-week rental. 

Bike Trailer – From $10

With the Bike Trailer, you can bring the kids along in the two-seater attachment. It is perfect for kids aged 4 and under. The Bike Trailer is available at $10/day or $50/week, based on your preference. 

Tug-A-Long – From $10

Attach the Tug Along to the back of any Island Safari Cruiser sports cruiser and ride with your child. It is best for use by children between the ages of 4 to 10. You can rent the Tug-A-Long for $10/day or $50/week.

Tandem Bicycle – From $17

We offer tandem bikes with two foam seats and two sets of pedals.They are recommended for people aged 16 and older. The tandem bicycle can be rented at $17/day or $95/week.


Get Your Key West Bike Rental Today


A bike rental can add a lot of fun to your trip to Key West. First, use some of our tips to choose the right bike and make sure you get all the extras you need. Then, when you’re ready to book your perfect bicycle, you can reach out to us at Island Safari Rentals. We offer a variety of bikes, including tandem bikes and cycles for kids. Whatever Key West bike rental you are looking for, Island Safari has all the fun rentals you need! Contact us here or visit our website here to get started today. 


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