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Renting a Bike in Key West: Tips to Making it a Breeze

Key West Bike Rentals is as local to the island as the working waterfront, the pub crawl on Duval street, and the charming history of Old Town street. There are several options of bikes and bike rental services that are waiting to make your visit to Key West super special. But before walking into the store or ordering online, there are a few things that you need to know. In order to truly enjoy the experience of renting a bike in Key West, here are a few tips to make it a breeze as you ride down the streets of the island.


Check availability

To avoid getting stranded on arrival, be sure to check for availability and book your preferred bike. There are certain periods, during the year, where rental services experience a surge in demands and if you are traveling to Key West in that period, not checking for availability of bikes can lead to disappointment.


Opt for the weekly deals

Most rental services offer hourly, daily, and weekly rental packages, with relatively different rates. If you will be in Key West for more than a few days, it is advisable to opt for any weekly rental options as it is typically less expensive than the per day total for renting the bike. 


Ride what/where you know

There are several options of rental bikes available in Key West and while the holiday thrill may make you feel adventurous, safety is always first. Therefore, when choosing the bike to rent, be sure it is a bike you are familiar with so that you don’t have to spend a significant part of your holiday simply learning how to ride a bike that you don’t fully understand. Additionally, though the residents of Key West are warm and welcoming, it is advisable to stick to routes that you are familiar with and avoid winding up in unknown areas -simply for your own safety. 


Check the quality of the bike

From nightlights to the brake, all the parts of a bike must be in good condition before you hand over cash to the rental service and pick it up. You don’t want to be stuck with a faulty bike in the middle of a busy road. 


Remember the laws and rules. 

Key West is super bike-friendly and you are likely to see more cyclists than other motorists on the roads. In fact, you can ride your bicycle on the sidewalk of most streets in Key West. However, it is very important to be aware of any information to help you practice caution and stay safe while exploring Key West. Get familiar with the road laws and rules that are applicable to certain areas and do your best to avoid getting into trouble while riding or parking. 


The Best Bike Rentals in Key West


At Island Safari Rentals, we offer a selection of bikes for people of all ages and ability levels. We also rent bike trailers and tug-alongs for smaller kids in the group. All bikes come with front and rear lights, helmets, a bike lock, and a basket. So get in touch with us today to rent your bicycle for that upcoming vacation in Florida. We offer the largest selection of Key West bike rentals, and we offer tandem bike rentals as well as island bike rentals. Stop by on the island or check out our website today to learn more or to get started.