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Key West Bike Rentals – The Types We Offer

If you’re looking for a great Key West bike rental shop with plenty of options on your next trip to Key West, then look no further than Island Safari Rentals. With 6 different bike types to choose from, we have a bike for all ages and skill levels. Read on to find out what types of bikes we have available.


Adult Cruiser


If you’re looking for a smooth and stable ride, then you can’t go wrong with our adult cruisers. These bikes offer a comfortable ride that will have you cruising down the many back paths of Key West with ease. As our most popular option, this bike is great for riders of all abilities.


Sports Cruiser


If you’re looking for a quicker and more aerodynamic bike, then you should consider booking one of our sports cruiser models. These bikes are fast, but also provide an equally comfortable ride compared to the regular cruiser. With many different styles and colors to choose from, we know you won’t be disappointed in this ride.


Tandem Bike


What’s more fun than a single bike? A tandem bike. Equipped with two sets of pedals and two seats, you can bike with your spouse, friend, or your kid. This can be a great way to spend some quality time with your loved ones while taking in all the gorgeous sights of Key West.


Kids’ Bike


Looking to bring your kids with you on your vacation to Key West? If so, we have many kids’ bikes that are suitable for all different ages. With so many options to choose from, we’re sure your kid will love the bike we provide them and will never forget biking down beautiful Key West.


Bike Trailers 


If you’re kids still aren’t old enough to ride a bike on their own, we have you covered. With many bike trailers to choose from, you can set your kid inside the carriage while you cruise down the island. 


Tug Along 


If you’re looking for another way to bring the kids along that can make them feel like they’re riding, then consider our tug-along options. This type of bike is like a tandem bike, but it is simply hitched to the back of a regular bike. Kids sitting on the second seat can enjoy the feeling of riding without actually having to pedal or balance. 


Get Your Key West Bike Rentals at Island Safari


As Key West’s number one Key West bike rental shop, we are proud to offer the most comprehensive line of bikes available on the island. Having gone over the many different styles of Key West bike rentals we offer, we hope that you can choose a bike that will best suit your needs. 


With so many options to choose from, you will have no problem finding the right bike for your stay on the beautiful Island. Contact Island Safari Rentals today to book your bike and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Key West in style. We offer the largest selection of Key West bike rentals, Key West tandem bike rentals, and all things bicycle rentals in Key West. Check out our Key West bike rentals page here or our contact page to learn how to reach us to learn more.