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Tips for the Best Key West Bike Rental Experience

If you’re planning a trip to Key West, you need to know that a Key West bike rental is probably the best way to get around. With a huge system of bike trails and bike paths, biking Key West is the best way to see the entire Island and take in the breathtaking seaside views while doing it. 


Biking allows you to access all the amazing shops and restaurants located throughout the island. Whether you’re looking to explore Old Town, Mallory Square, Garrison Bight, The Southernmost Point, and many more attractions, doing so on a bike is the way to go. 


In this post, we will provide you with the best tips for how to get the most out of your bike rental experience to ensure you don’t miss out on the amazing sites of the Island.


Book Your Bike in Advance


Because biking is such a popular way to travel the island, it is not uncommon for rental shops to be fully booked, especially during peak season. The last thing you want to do is arrive in Key West only to find out that there are no bike rentals available. Avoid this potentially bad situation and book your bike in advance. 


Plan Your Stops


Getting around the island on bike is a great way to explore everything Key West has to offer. However, with so many attractions to see, it can sometimes be difficult to see everything if you don’t plan ahead. To ensure the best bike rental experience, try to leave enough time to check out everything you really wanted to see.


If you’re trying to go to the sunset celebration in Mallory Square and you’re on the other side of the Island, it might be difficult to get there on time, depending on how far away you are. You can avoid this by having a general plan for what you want to see while in Key West.


Enjoy the Moment


Riding a bike in Key West is undoubtedly the best way to experience the rich cultural history of the island. It is also a great way to relax while you take in the scenic beauty of the gorgeous palm trees and beautiful blue waters. 


While it is good to have a plan if there are certain places you always wanted to see, sometimes it’s ok to just get lost in the moment to really appreciate the lush tropical landscape and breathtaking seaside views of the island.


Key West Bike Rentals


If you plan to rent a bike in Key West, you are making the right choice. Biking is the best way to see all the attractions of the island while also taking in the incredible scenic beauty. If you need a bike to rent while staying in Key West then Island Safari Rentals has you covered. We are the premier bike rental shop on the island and have a wide variety of bikes to suit your needs. Book your rental today. Island Safari Rentals offers different options of Key West bike rentals, like Key West tandem bike rentals and all types of island bike rentals. We offer so many fun rentals in Key West. Check out the selection of Key West bike rentals that we offer here. Find our contact page here to get in touch with us today to get started.