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Why You Should Get a Key West Bike Rental on Vacation

Key West bike rentals are essential for getting around the island on any trip to the Conch Republic. If you’re venturing to Key West, you might want to rethink traveling the area by car the whole time. Choosing to rent a bike can be the perfect way to tour this beautiful island. 

There are multiple reasons why choosing a bike rental in Key West is a great idea. We’ve compiled a list to help persuade you into making the right choice for travel! 

Staying In Shape

Riding a bike to explore the island can be a great way to stay in shape. You could choose to rent a golf cart or something electric, but you wouldn’t get the health benefits of biking. 

Besides the amazing cardio workout, taking in the fresh air is great for relieving stress. Clear your head while you pedal and take in what Key West has to offer. 

Great Family Option

If you are traveling with your family, a bike rental can be the perfect way to bond with your family. Make an entire week out of it and plan all of your important stops with your party. 

This is the perfect way to include everyone in the decision-making progress. Traveling by bike gives everyone a chance to pick out the places they want to stop and enjoy. 

Explore the Entire Island

A bike rental allows you to explore the entire island and not miss anything. When you rent a car, you’re limited only to where paved roads go. 

If you’re on a bike, you get to explore places that are off the beaten path. You’d be surprised at the hidden gems you’ll find in the corners of the beaches or hidden behind the mangroves of Key West! 

Save Money

Biking will save you a ton of money on fuel. When you travel by car, you have to factor fuel into the budget when you plan for your trip. Key West is known for its expensive fuel prices as well. 

Bike rentals are relatively cheap on the island. Save yourself the extra cash and put it towards a fun activity on the island. 

Friendlier for the Environment

Renting a bike is a great way to sample the island while being easy on the environment. Cars release harmful emissions, and the number of tourists on the island doesn’t make it easy for the carbon footprint of the area. 

Touring the area on a bike reduces emissions that are terrible for the ocean and wildlife. Keep the smoke and carbon down by renting a bike to tour Key West! 

It doesn’t make a lot of sense to take a car and navigate through Key West when the island is so small. You can easily take everything in on a bicycle and give the environment a break while you do it. 

Check Out Our Key West Bike Rentals

Renting a bike can cost less than $20 per day, depending on the bike and package. Choosing to rent a bike on the island isn’t just friendlier on your budget but will ensure you get to explore every corner of Key West! When it comes to Key West Bike Rentals, Island Safari Rentals of Key West has the biggest selection of Key West bike rentals on the island. WIth great pricing and tons of Key West bike rental options, look no further than Island Safari Rentals on your next Key West vacation. They also offer Key West tandem bike rentals, island bikes Key West, Key West bicycle rentals, and all types of other fun rentals in Key West. Check out our website here or our rentals page here to learn more about what we offer. 

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