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Road Rules and Laws to Follow With Your Key West Bike Rental

Traveling Key West with a Key West bike rental is one of the smartest ways to get around the island. Many of the locals choose to commute by bike instead of using a car. 

Using a bike rental to travel has several advantages, including being able to see every corner of the island. It’s also more economical for your budget to use a bike rental for traveling the island. 

However, it’s important to understand that there are specific bike laws that must be followed when you are pedaling Key West. Use this article as a guide if you’re planning to use a bike rental to travel the island. 

Is It Safe to Ride a Bike In Key West? 

Traveling by bike is incredibly safe in Key West. Sometimes traffic can get a bit heavier, especially during the peak tourist seasons, but when compared to other frequent vacation areas, Key West vehicle traffic is relatively tame.  

It’s important to stay alert when you’re in the busier areas of Key West. Make sure you follow traffic lights and obey all signals. When you’re in an area that doesn’t have lights, just be aware of the flow of traffic and make sure you’re wearing a helmet. 

Are There Plenty of Places to Ride a Bike? 

Key West is known for being incredibly bike-friendly. In most places on the island, you will find accessible bike trails. There’s even a 90-mile bike trail that loops around the entire island! 

Most of the trails are paved, but you’ll find some that are closer to the beaches are covered in sand. Regardless, you will find biking around Key West incredibly relaxing and very easy to navigate. There are plenty of maps available where you rent your bike. 

What Are the Laws in Key West Regarding Bikes? 

When you are traveling on your bike rental in Key West, it’s important that you follow the local bicycle laws. The following list is a great guideline to use for following the laws on the island.

  • Obey ALL traffic laws if you are riding on the streets. You must obey all traffic lights and signs just like a car would. When you are on a bike, it’s important that you use the proper hand signals to notify drivers and other bikers when you are turning and stopping. 


  • In Key West, it’s the law to use some type of lighting on your person and your bike when you plan on riding at night. You can obtain flashing LED lights at most retail locations that Velcro or clip onto your body and parts of the bike. Bike rental locations have lights sometimes also. 


  • Unlike other areas, you can ride your bike on the sidewalk anywhere in Key West. There’s only one place you can’t ride your bike on the sidewalk. The entirety of Duval Street is off-limits to sidewalk bike traffic. However, it’s completely legal to ride your bike on the actual street in that area. 

Biking through Key West is a great way to relax and get some exercise at the same time. Besides following the laws, you should also be sure to chain your bike up to the appropriate racks. 

Getting Your Key West Bike Rentals and Island Safari Rentals

Locking your bike ensures that your rental doesn’t get stolen. The last thing you want is to lose your transportation when you’re exploring the island! If you are looking for the largest selection of Key West bike rentals and different types of Key West bike rentals, look no further than Island Safari Rentals of Key West. With Key West tandem bike rentals, island bike rentals, and all types of fun rentals in Key West, Island Safari Rentals has it all. You can find our rentals page here to check it out for yourself or find our contact page here to reach us to get started. 

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