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Our Selection of Key West Bike Rentals

Have you considered getting a Key West bike rental when you are on the island? Whether you’re in Key West for a vacation or you’re a local, a bike is your best bet for navigating the island in a hitch-free manner. Key West is known for being a bike-friendly environment with biking laws to keep you safe. With a bike rental from Island safari, getting around the island is always easy. We provide lots of bike rental options suitable for all capacity levels, and the best customer service. So hop on and kick start your exploration of the beautiful island with the options below:

Adult cruisers

Our Adult cruiser bikes are great for the exploration of Key West’s onshore beauties. These adult cruisers are available for daily and weekly rentals at a minimal price of $20 and a maximum of $180. The seats and make-up of the bike offer great balance and coordination. It is a little taller than the basic bikes and provides a far-reaching view of landscapes. This bike is not kid-friendly but only advisable for ages 11 and above.

Tandem bikes

Biking with company? Our tandem bikes offer you the opportunity to enjoy a friend’s company as you cycle through various scenic ambiances and absorb the freshness of the Island. Tandem bikes at Island Safari is a two-rider bike that can be gotten for as long as a two weeks rental. The rental fees for our bikes range from $30 to $200. These bikes are not advisable for anyone under 16 years. 

Kids bike

If you’re touring the island with your kids, ensuring their safety is paramount. We rent out safety-compliant and kid-friendly bikes for ages 5 to 10. Rentals here range from daily, to up to a month’s rental. Depending on the period of rental, the kids’ bikes can range from $15 to $160. As you explore the island with your kids, remember to get them a bike from Island Safari for a thrilling adventure.

Sports cruiser

The sports cruiser is a great alternative for exercise and athletic tourists. The sports cruiser is also perfect for your journey down to the blue waters. Like professional cycling, this cruiser is of a high standard and leaves you with an expert-like feeling. This cruiser is available only for ages 11 and above. If you’re vacationing for a long-winded period of time, you can get this cruiser rental daily or for up to a month.

Repairs and gift cards

We understand that you may have brought your bike on the trip, and sometimes your bike may develop faults. At Island Safari, we offer quick and professional bike repair services to help you get riding in no time. We also provide gift cards in case you’re interested in gifting someone a ride on our bike rentals. This ranges from $25-$100. Customized gift cards are also very much available here.

Island Safari – Key West Bike Rentals

Island Safari Rentals is located at 424, Greene Street, Key West, and you are welcome to check out these options for a worry-free movement, fascinating sights, worthwhile adventure at Key West. Island Safari Rentals of Key West offers the best selection of Key West bike rentals. Whether you are looking for Key West tandem bike rentals or any kind of fun rentals in Key West, come to Island Safari. You can find our full selection of Key West bike rentals here, or learn how to get in touch with us on this page to get started. 

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