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Getting Around with Bike Rentals vs. Walking in Key West

You need to get a Key West bike rental if you are making the trip. Key West is an island that welcomes various forms of transportation. It’s friendly for walkers, bikes, cars, buses, and even for the coo-coo roosters. In as much as Key West welcomes several means of commuting, there are some which might be more preferable or less preferable to you depending on some specifics. New to the island? Check out our guide below on which is better “getting around with a bike vs walking in Key West.” Let’s dive in.

Easy movement 

Key West offers tons of treasures, historic sites, and beaches to explore. And this should be enjoyed in the most hassle-free manner. Although several parts of Key West are walkable, bikes allow for easier movements in a flexible way. What better way to enjoy the island than with no worries? Consider renting bikes in Key West and you can be sure they also cater to all fitness levels.


A better glimpse of the island and its treasures usually requires much closer scrutiny. If your lodge is closer to where you intend to tour, walking is advisable to absorb a near feel of the sights. But with a far lodge, you need to get bikes to your touring center. Although you will still need to walk to explore, a bike helps a lot with commutation.

Fun-filled experiences

Vacationing in Key West? You can create fun-filled experiences with both bikes and walks. Bike rentals in Key West offer various bike services to cater to your needs. Whether it’s a family affair, a trip with a friend, or a solo trip, there is something for everyone to create memories with. Walking on the other hand may not allow for such fun-filled experiences and the creation of amazing memories.



Generally, Key West accepts that bikers ride in most areas of the island except Duval Street sidewalks. If you are a regular visitor of Duval Street, walking might be a bit beneficial but as for other parts of the island, biking is welcomed. Key West old town is usually very walkable and easy to navigate. There are also walking tours to help explore the sights better.


Most times, distance is a key factor. For short distances like nearby eateries or attractions, walking is recommended and any distance below 3/4 mile is walkable. It gives you a great opportunity to keep active. If you’re going long distances, you certainly should get a bike. Bikes are a faster means of movement that doesn’t require much manual energy. 

Overall, walking and biking in Key West are safe and offer you an incredible first-hand experience of the Island. Do we think walking is better or biking is better? Biking gets you mostly anywhere on the Island fast and easy, walking does also but you can’t walk every distance on the Island. So for us, bikes are a sure bet. Hop on a two-wheeler from Island Safari for a great feel of Key West’s paradise.

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