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Book Your Key West Bike Rentals for Your Next Trip

Have you heard of Key West bike rentals? Biking is no doubt the best way to explore the beautiful spots and gems in Key West. With an expert biking service like Island Safari Rentals, biking on a vacay just got better! We offer the best bike rentals and provide you with seamless customer service. You can take our bikes for a ride to the beach, to lunch, and even cruise around the stores of Mallory square. Thinking of renting our bikes for your next Key West trip? Here is a guide to our services for faster and more convenient booking progress:

How do you book a bike from Island Safari Rentals?

Booking a bike with us is fast and pretty easy. You can take a trip down to our shop at old town Key West, order from select hotels, or order online on our website – Island Safari. If you want to book a bike rental from us, you can book ahead to prevent cases of unavailable bike rentals of your choice. To book online-

  • Go to our website – Island Safari
  • Click ‘book now’ for your preferred bike option
  • Click on your preferred service for the selected bike – duration of rent, gift cards, or additional bike accessories 
  • Click a date for your preferred bike’s availability 
  • When a time is selected, pick the duration of rental
  • Select your preferred option – pickup or delivery 
  • Add a promo code, if available 
  • Click “add to cart”
  • Insert your details and pay
  • Get your bike through delivery or pick up on the selected date!
  • Easy-peasy!

All Island Safari bike rentals come with a basket, padlock, light, keys, and helmet  – all at no extra charge.

Price range per duration 

At Island Safari Bike Rentals, we encourage fairness in our relationship with customers, and as such, our bikes come at very affordable prices for riders. Our bike rental rates are one of the best in Key West. 

The rentals also come with an assurance of safe and easy-to-use bikes. Be reminded that getting a bike rental from Island Safari for an extended period of time, increases the bike rate. Check out our rates below to reserve a bike:

  • Cruiser bikes

Tugalong cruiser bike    – $10

Bike trailer cruiser bike  – $12 – $180

Adult cruiser bike            – $20 – $180

Sport cruiser bike             -$22

  • Kid bikes

Kid bikes                            – $15 – $160

  • Tandem bikes

Tandem bike                     – $30 – $200

Key West Bike Rentals at Island Safari Rentals

It is always advisable that you book a week ahead if you want to get a bike rental for over a week for your stay in Key West, in order to get the best bikes in an available period. Island Safari bike rentals are your one-stop shop for biking gift cards and bike rentals in Key West. We are your best bet for a great time in the home of the sunset! Looking for a bike rental service with years of experience in the biking world, and professional conduct? Reach out to us today to start discovering the island with a safe, fun, and affordable option!

Island Safari Rentals is your one-stop-shop for all things Key West bike rentals. Not only do we have the biggest selection of Key West bike rentals, but we offer great rates and online booking! Don’t waste your time getting Key West bike rentals anywhere else – stop by Island Safari today to get started. Find out how to book online here, or check out this page to get in touch with us. 

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