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What Sets Us Apart – Island Safari Key West Bike Rentals

Island Safari is your go-to place for Key West bike rentals. We provide you with safe and comfortable bikes for a smooth exploration of the beautiful island. Order at your convenience and get your bike delivered for free – fast and easy! Check out our bike catalog below to rent a bike and start pedaling through the attractive locales only accessible on a bike:

Adult cruiser

If you are seeking lots of adventure with a gush of adrenaline, our adult cruiser fits the bill perfectly. You can enjoy this good for as low as $20. The age range suitable for this bike is from age 11 and above. 

Electronic bikes

There is a new trend in town and it is this electronic bike! It is lightweight and offers electric pedal support to make riding easier. These bikes can be gotten from our partner company – Bone Island Rentals. The rental rates for this bike range from $60 to $110, and are recommended for individuals who are 16 and older.

Sports cruiser 

Island Safari’s sport cruiser is a bike with nice-speeding pedals that spurs a fantastic cycling experience for all. It is incredibly beach-friendly and loved by all.  This bike is a great option for individuals who are ages 11 and above and is available for $22. 


Are you more of an experienced rider? If yes, then you can try out scooters from our partner company – Bone Island Rentals. The prices for these scooters range from $45 to $75. These scooters are suitable for riders who are at least 21 years of age. 

Kids bike

Island Safari Rentals also provides bikes that are suitable for children. These bikes are safety conscious and easy for children to ride. You can reserve a daily kid bike rental or even get up to a month’s rental. The kids’ age range for this bike is ages 5 to 11 and it can be rented for $15 to $160.

Tandem bike

Our tandem bike is a two-seater bike that gives you the opportunity to share memories and enjoy the moment with another. This bike can be gotten within the range of $30 to $200 for up to two weeks of rental. It is also considered suitable for ages 16 and above.

Cruiser bikes

If you want a bike for your kids, our bike trailer is more than capable to take on the challenge. This bike is suitable for two kids to ride, usually from ages 4 and under and the rates are $12 above. If you prefer to tug along with your kid, you also have the option of our tug-along bikes, perfect for two riders and can be gotten for a minimal amount of $10.

Key West Bike Rentals at Island Safari

Please note that prices depend on the duration of your bike rental. Our bikes are great for all fitness levels and they are all tailored for you to enjoy a stress-free vacation. At Island Safari Rentals, you can be sure that there is a bike that fits your needs! We have the best selection of Key West bike rentals and Key West rentals in general. Whether you are looking for island bike rentals, Key West tandem bike rental, fun rentals Key West, or all things Key West bike rentals, come to Island Safari. You can find the Island Safari Rentals website here, or find our selection of rentals on this page to get started. 

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