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Key West Bike Rentals – Why Rent for Your Vacation

What is a Key West vacation without a Key West bike rental? Simply put – loads of pressure and glitches. Vacationing should be fun for all. Exploring the possibilities on the Island without a bike opposes a delightful vacation. As a tourist, you can ride to the hard-to-reach areas with an Island Safari bike rental. You also get a first-hand local experience in a cool and cycling-friendly atmosphere. Check out some more reasons why you should get a bike from Island Safari rentals:

Lightens Your Luggage 

Instead of hauling your bike from home, a simple alternative to that would be to rent a bike from Island Safari rentals. It saves you stress, more weight, and inconvenience. If you’re coming through the airport, you might also be charged for your extra load (bike) at the airport. At Island Safari Bike Rentals, we lighten your load and make traveling a cakewalk for you.

Supports A Healthy Lifestyle 

Have you ever heard that “cycling is a way to fitness”? Well, it is indeed a fact. The speed at which a bike can be pedaled and the constant circle-like movement of the legs make it a great option for daily exercise. Cycling also helps get in a few energetic movements to help the heart, build muscle and burn fat. With constant use of a bike rental, you can live a fit life even as you explore the Island.

Prevents Parking Hassles

Cars and buses are great vehicles but they can be really difficult to manage on vacation and often lead to parking hassles. A continued occurrence of this can be really overwhelming but with a bike rental, it does not have to be so. Our bikes are often lightweight with a compact design to cater to your transportation needs and also the ability to fit into small spaces. 

Ease Of Movement 

Imagine being stuck on the road with the hustle and bustle of a busy day in Key West, nobody wants that. Easy movement can help you get to your destination faster and without difficulties. You can rent your bike at Island Safari Rentals and enjoy comfortable and simple movement. Being stuck in traffic will become a tale of the past because Key West is a bike-friendly environment that offers bike riders a ton of perks. 

A Great Option For A Thrill

In the mood for some exciting activity? Hop on a bike rental! Bike rentals are a great idea for a thrilling experience, awesome sights, and memorable events. You can pedal your way down to Duval Street, Mallory Square, or even the Hemingway house with a bike. Our bike rentals are also great for short-distance runs and getting a close feel of the Key West atmosphere.

Key West Bike Rentals

So you see, there’s so much more to vacationing in Key West than beaches and sunset. You need a bike to fully enjoy your stay in Key West. Not just any bike but a bike from the best – Island Safari Bike rentals. Island Safari Rentals has you covered with the perfect bikes to fit your needs. Remember to obey all traffic laws and do not forget to park your bike in designated spots -and be sure to lock it if you will be gone for a long time. Come to Island Safari Rentals for all your Key West bike rental needs. We have a large selection of Key West bike rentals and even Key West tandem bike rentals. Don’t go anywhere else on the island for your Key West bike rentals. Check out our full selection here or find how to contact us to get started. 

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