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Check Out Our Full Selection of Key West Bike Rentals

With Island Safari Rentals, there are no bad days on Key West. Our bikes are great options for all purposes including short errands and family outings. Cruise around the island in style as you explore the beauties and inner magic of the island. 

Looking for something that matches your fitness level? We’ve got something for everyone! Check out this guide below to find the perfect fit:


Our tug-along bikes offer you the opportunity to enjoy the sea breeze with your kid. As its name suggests, it allows for a tug-along experience. The rear section is specially crafted for small children between the ages of 4 to 10 while any experienced rider can ride the main bike. The daily rate for this bike is $15 to $55, while the weekly rate is $55 to $100.

Bike Trailer

This bike is a perfect fit for babies (under 4). The daily rate ranges from $20 to $180. Bike trailers can be rented for up to one month – allowing you to make the most of your vacation while cycling around with your kids. Bike trailers are really cool and a great option for children to get a close feel of that Key West atmosphere and adventure.

Sport Cruiser 

On the lookout for a vigor-fueled bike? Our sport cruiser is great for experienced bikers. It can also be ridden on most Key West beaches. It is suitable for anyone aged 11 and above. The minimum daily rate for this bicycle is $20. Get that energy in with our Sports Cruiser and enjoy breathtaking sights in the process!

Kids Bike

Kids’ bikes are a delightful concept. It helps the kids have a fun time while solo-riding, and it is also safe for touring. The Island Safari kids bike is open to kids ages 5 to 10 and offers up to two weeks of rental. With Island Safari, your child can cruise in comfort and safety for as little as $15.

Tandem bikes

Tandem bikes are good options for company and great to enjoy the scenery. It allows you to share the beautiful scenery and Key West memories with loved ones. This bike is long and it has two passenger seats that are well structured and perfect for a duo trip. You can rent this ride for a minimum rate of $30.

Partnership with Bone Island Rentals

A few bikes have been added to our bike selection thanks to our partnership with Bone Island Rentals. These new selections include scooters and Avocado electric bikes. These bikes are fast and great for speed. Although, both bikes require a technical approach to riding, which is why we advise that clients only attempt this when they are sure they have the experience to ride these bikes. The minimum price of the scooter is $45 and the minimum for the avocado electric bike is $60.

Whatever your biking preference or experience level is, Island Safari Rentals is your go-to! Reach out to us and book a ride today! Island Safari Rentals is your best option for a memorable pedaling time! Whether you’re taking a day off from cruising on a fantastic vacation to look around the island, or you’re a local looking to rent a bike for a day out with family, Island Safari has a bike for you. With a wide selection of bicycles, you can find single or multiple bikes that fit any need or skill level. Enjoy your time out by using a convenient bicycle provided by Island Safari Rentals, the #1 rated bike rental in Key West! We have the largest selection of Key West bike rentals on the island. We offer Key West tandem bike rentals, Key West bicycle rentals, and all types of fun rentals Key West. Visit our website here to see what we offer. 

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