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Key West Bike Rentals – Road Rules to Remember

Key West is a bike-friendly island but that doesn’t mean there are no rules when it comes to taking a ride around the island. There are road rules put in place to guide a biker’s activity on Key West roads and it is best to know them -and abide by them strictly. 

Just got your rental bike from Island Safari Rentals? There are a few road rules that you need to keep in mind. Ensure to become fßamiliar with these rules as violating them may be a cause for an arrest or sanction by the Key West authorities. So, what are these road rules? Let’s dive right in!

Pay Attention to Traffic Lights

Riding a bicycle or scooter does not exempt you from the traffic light law. If you find yourself at any traffic light, please wait with other vehicles. Although not all laws that apply to other vehicles also refer to bikes, traffic regulations are general and expected to be obeyed by all motorists and cyclists. Violations of road laws like this can attract severe sanctions. 

Leave Your Lights On

Riding is a lot of fun but accidents do happen. As a biker, remember to turn on your light when riding at night. Don’t have lights on your bike? Get a portable headlamp. Lights are vital as they provide illumination for both the rider and pedestrians to navigate the roads properly. This prevents accidents and other unfortunate circumstances. It is mandated by the Key West authorities that riders leave their lights on at night.

Avoid One-Ways

One-ways might look like an easy option when you are cycling, but that’s an illusion. The one-way ban is taken seriously in Key West. However, one-way driving has many possible consequences, one of which is the possibility of accident and death. Unlike cars, bikes cannot really withstand being hit. The immediate impact of this would be bodily harm to a rider and possibly passers-by, so do the right thing and avoid one-ways. 

Wear Your Eye Gear

If your bike rental is a scooter, wearing your eye gear is one of the rules you should keep in mind. Protective eyewear is important for all scooter riders in Key West. It is a general law in Florida. And for good reasons too! Eye gears protect a rider’s eyes from dust, the force of the breeze when riding, and other reasons. If you are riding a scooter in Key West, your eye gear should be your best friend.

Stay Off Duval

Thinking of riding down the famous Duval street? Not to rain on your parade but this is considered an offense by the Key West authorities. It is expected that bikers ride on sidewalks and bicycle-friendly roads, which are all except Duval Street. If you need to ride out, ensure that you do not violate this law as sanctions are attached to this violation. 

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