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Why You Need a Key West Bike Rental on Your Next Vacation

Are you in the need of a Key West bike rental on your next vacation? If you’re considering Key West for your next vacation, you have an eye for the good stuff! Key West Island is packed with loads of delightful activities for your vacation including biking! Bikes are never out of style. From old town to new town in Key West, bikes are the finest means to get around Key West. What’s more? Biking allows an up close and personal view of the breathtaking island. Here are some more reasons why you need an Island Safari bike rental on your Key West vacation:

Trouble-free parking

With a bike rental in Key West, you really don’t have to worry about parking space. Bikes are less demanding in terms of parking space when compared to other vehicles. They are lightweight and this can come in handy when you need to park. Worrying over parking might be a thing for the city of New York but it is sure never the same with Island Safari bike rentals in Key West.

Helps your fitness 

Did you know that biking helps you strengthen your core and it reduces the risk of diseases? Well, now you do. Consistent pedaling helps you get your body in motion. To get an improved fitness level, you need to stay active. And one of the best ways to do this on the island is through Island Safari Rentals bikes. Our selection of bikes is perfect for whatever vacation goals and plans you have. 

Fresh air

Several studies have linked fresh air with improved cognitive functioning. The more you come in contact with the cool breeze, the more your intellect improves and it definitely helps you relax -even more reason to rent a bike from Island Safari Rentals for your next vacation. Bikes are ideal ways to get an undiluted dose of fresh air and enjoy its embrace. Once you start, it becomes a habit.

Lifts your mood 

Banana isn’t the only natural mood lifter, bikes are, too. Biking on a cool island like Key West will boost your endorphin level. Endorphins are a group of peptide hormones that act as neurotransmitters in maintaining a sense of well-being. Once your endorphin level begins to improve, it creates a springboard for you to have a pleasant time in Key West. But first, you need a bike from Island Safari Rentals to get started.

Better than public transport 

Don’t get us wrong – we’re not condemning public transport. But if we were to select our preferred mode of transportation, bikes no doubt would be at the top of the list. Public transport can be messy and choked up at times. Also, it’s not as fast as riding a bike. If you need a means of transportation that gives you that first-hand local experience – Island Safari Rentals is your go-to bike rental shop.

Get Your Key West Bike Rentals With Us

Renting a bike can cost less than $20 per day, depending on the bike and package. Choosing to rent a bike on the island isn’t just friendlier on your budget but will ensure you get to explore every corner of Key West! When it comes to Key West Bike Rentals, Island Safari Rentals of Key West has the biggest selection of Key West bike rentals on the island. With great pricing and tons of Key West bike rental options, look no further than Island Safari Rentals on your next Key West vacation. They also offer Key West tandem bike rentals, island bikes Key West, Key West bicycle rentals, and all types of other fun rentals in Key West. Check out our website here or our rentals page to learn more about what we offer. 

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