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Key West Bike Rentals – What You Need to Know

Getting a Key West bike rental on your next island vacation is necessary. You need it for convenient navigation on the island. Bikes are also great options for quality time, exercise, and exploration. Getting a bike rental from Island Safari Rentals is the best decision you can make in Key West. Island Safari offers a variety of high-quality bike rental options. Here is a guide about Island Safari Rental options to make your Key West stay stress-free –

Tandem bikes

What if we told you that you don’t have to bike alone – you can bike with some company! These bikes are comfortable and long enough for two passengers. It is recommended for individuals who are 16 years and above. Our tandem bikes can be gotten at a minimal price of $30 to $200 for up to two weeks of rental.

Sport cruisers

Our sport cruiser bikes blend the action and energy of a sport bike with awesome touring benefits. These bikes are designed to help you get a good view of far landscapes. For as low as $22, this bike offers a high-seated detail to match your sporting energy. The suitable age range for this bike is ages 11 and above.

Cruiser bikes

Cruising the island is a lot easier with our cruiser bikes. It is most suitable for kids aged 4 and above. It can be gotten for a minimal price of $12. We also have tug-along bikes which are excellent options for riding with children. The minimum rate for a tug-along bike is $10. 

Adult cruiser

For age 11 and above, you can cruise the island in style with our adult cruiser bike. It puts you in a better position and stride to receive fresh air and keeps you active. Island Safari adult cruisers can be rented for a minimal rate of $20.

Kids bikes

Our wide range of bike selections also includes kid-friendly bikes. You can reserve this kid-friendly bike for up to a month on your Key West vacation. Depending on the duration of the booking, these bikes can be rented for $15 to $160. The suitable ages for this bike are between 5-11. 

Electronic bikes

This bike can be rented through our partnership with Bone Island rentals for as low as $60 to $110. Like its name, this bike is packed with loads of energy to match your pedaling needs. It’s fast and it makes riding easy. These bikes are only suitable for those aged 16 and above.


Usually, scooters are only recommended for experienced riders aged 21 and above. This is because scooters are technical and require experience. If you tick all the boxes, you can get this fast-speeding machine from our partner company – Bone Island, for as low as $45.

Key West Bike Rentals at Island Safari

Whatever your biking needs are, Island Safari Rentals is up to the task. Our rich bike selections are adequately maintained for a hassle-free ride. Keep in mind that the rates for each bike depend on the duration it is booked for. 

There are a lot of rental places in Key West, which means you’ll need to weed through the unsatisfactory locations to find the perfect option. Island Safari Rentals are one of the most reliable and professional options for bike rentals in Key West. Contact them ahead of your trip for information regarding transportation options. Come to Island Safari Key West for all your Key West bike rental needs. Whether you are looking for island bike rentals, tandem bike rentals, or Key West bicycle rentals, we have it all. You can find our Key West bike rental page here, or learn how to get in touch with us to get started. 

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