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The Types of Key West Bike Rentals That We Offer

Going on vacation means getting everything ready to have a great time at your destination. And if you’re heading towards Key West Island, you can’t skip out on renting a bike. Locals, visitors, and tourists alike can all be found riding around most roads on the island. Bikes are fast, convenient, and, of course, we can’t overemphasize the fact that they make parking the easiest thing ever! So come on over to Island Safari Rentals and get any of the amazing Key West Bike Rentals That We Offer!


Electronic Bikes

Enjoy a leisurely ride around Key West on our highly popular electronic bikes. Designed for comfort and paired with a helmet, our Avocado Electric Bicycles are available for rent to anyone above the age of 18. You can rent our electric bikes for as low as $60 for one day and up to $250 for weekly rentals. 


Tandem Bikes 

Why bike alone when you can pair up for double the fun?! Our tandem bikes are also available for rent to people aged 16 and above so you can pair up with your teenage child for a fun bonding experience. Book a tandem bike at a minimum of $30 for one day, and $100 for six days. You can also get our tandem bikes at weekly rentals; $100 for a week and $200 for a two-week rental! Don’t forget to book ahead of your travel plans to confirm availability. 


Sport Cruisers

The perfect bike for a trip to the beach, our sport cruisers are ideal to be cycled by anyone aged 11 and above. And you can rent a sports cruiser from Island Safari Rentals for as low as $20 for one day, and they’re available for up to one-month bookings!


Kids’ Bikes

Never forget that kids have to enjoy the holiday so that the adults can have fun. We have a great selection of kids’ bikes for children between the ages of five to ten years old. Our kids’ bikes are available for rent for a minimum of $15 and up to $160 for monthly rentals. 


Adult Cruisers 

The perfect choice for single travelers, families, and groups, our adult cruisers are designed for riders aged 11 years old and above so it’s the perfect choice for young families. And the best thing about our adult cruiser bikers is the fact that you can get additional baby seats at no cost when you book for at least one adult cruiser. Booking our adult cruiser bikes costs as low as $20 for One Day Rentals and you can get an adult cruiser bike for Two Week Rentals at $130 and One Month Rentals at $180. 


Get Your Key West Bike Rentals With Us

We offer every option for your optimum comfort and satisfaction! Enjoy the sights and scenes of the island while cruising on any bike from our amazing selection of bike rentals at Island Safari Rentals on your next trip to Key West! Be sure to confirm the availability of our bicycles on your preferred rental dates and book ahead for the best quality you can find on the island! 


Book a Key West bike rental with Island Safari Rentals for excellent customer service today! We have the best selection of Key West bike rentals available now, and you can check them out on this page. We offer island bike rentals, fun rentals Key West, Key West bicycle rentals, and Key West tandem bike rentals. Stop by or check out our website here to learn how to get started.

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