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Fun Things to Do in Key West for Couples

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Florida is one of America’s most traveled destinations. In 2021, approximately 118 million domestic tourists visited the state. In fact, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida is Key West.

Many couples visit the area for a romantic vacation—however, some struggle to find fun activities to fill their time.

Knowing what to do in the area can make a Key West trip exciting and memorable.

Continue reading to learn about things to do in Key West for couples!

Bike Ride

The Florida coastline has beautiful views of the ocean and beaches. One of the best ways to see these views is by bike riding. Doing so allows you to cover more ground without over-exerting yourself.

Most people don’t bring bicycles on their vacation. Therefore, renting a bike is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to access one.

Once you plan to visit Key West, you should book your bicycle rental ahead of time. This will ensure you and your partner have bikes readily available for your trip.

Charter a Cruise

A cruise is one of the most romantic activities that can be done in Key West. These cruises allow you to spend time together while enjoying the water.

The great thing about cruises is that you can choose from various charters. Some of these charter cruises include:

  • Sunset cruise
  • Catamaran cruise
  • Yacht cruise
  • Sailing cruise
  • Sunrise cruise
  • Fishing cruise

You and your partner can choose between these cruises and pick what best matches your taste. Remember, these cruises vary in price, so you must do your research before booking. You must also book your cruise as soon as possible to avoid unavailability.

Food Tasting Tour

Key West is known for its delicious foods and variety throughout the town. Indulging in new foods is an activity many couples love doing together. Taking a food-tasting tour is an excellent way to try some of Key West’s best restaurants without breaking the bank.

These tours allow you to try small portions of popular dishes. This will enable you to try multiple foods without overstuffing yourselves.

Different tours specialize in certain food types. Before booking your tour, you should decide what genre of food you’d like to have. Some of the most popular foods in the area include seafood, Southern comfort, and Mexican.

Rum Distillery Tour

Key West is famous for many reasons, including its rum production. Most of the area’s distilleries offer tours, allowing you to sample rum. These tours are perfect for couples who want to learn more about production and enjoy drinking rum.

These rum tours usually start in the afternoons and run until closing. Most distilleries don’t require booking, and you can come as you please. Be sure to schedule out about 30 minutes per tour to ensure you do not overlook yourselves.

Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden

Relaxing in Key West’s nature is another way to enjoy this romantic destination. Key West’s tropical environment has greenery, oceanside, and forest landscapes. In fact, the Key West Tropical Forest and Botanical Garden is the best way to immerse yourself in this environment.

This natural conservation habitat is frost-free and sub-tropical. The garden consists of native plants and walking trails, making it perfect for exercising and decompressing.

The botanical garden was established in the 1930s and is known as the “Keeper of the Trees.” The garden’s hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day. Pricing for adults is $10, and children can enter free with adult admission.

Butterfly Conservatory

The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory is another excellent way to connect to nature. This conservatory is home to various birds, butterflies, and vegetation. Experiencing this habitat is a romantic way to spend time among different animals.

The conservatory is open each day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission costs $13.98 for adults and $11.83 for children ages 4 to 12.


Snorkeling is another romantic activity that couples can do together while on vacation. Key West’s turquoise waters make this the ultimate snorkeling destination. Many people come from around the country to snorkel and see life underwater.

Snorkeling will allow you to see the ocean wildlife up close. This will also allow you to view a reef ecosystem and the corals that make it up.

You may consider hiring a guide to help teach you the proper snorkeling techniques. These guides also know where to see the most fish and corals.

Dolphin Watching

Dolphin watching is a unique experience that many hope to do. This experience is also romantic, as most tours take place around sunset.

Some people are lucky and find a pod while boating. However, hiring a dolphin guide will ensure you get the best views. These guides know the dolphins’ patterns and are well educated on how to find them.


Parasailing is done when you and your partner are held in the air by a parachute. The parachute is pulled by a boat, leaving you no more than 500 feet above the water.

Parasailing is perfect for more adventurous couples. This thrilling adventure is a great way to bond over the water while enjoying the sights.

Be sure to set out enough time for the entire trip. You will have to meet your captain and travel to the parasailing location. Once there and after setting up, your flight will last approximately 10 minutes.

Dinner Date

Most vacations are filled with exciting activities. However, these activities can drain your energy by the end of the day. A great way to wind down is to have a romantic dinner date.

A simple dinner date with your partner can be intimate. Find a quiet restaurant and indulge in conversation with the person you love.

This is also an excellent chance to try local food and drinks. Research some of the top-rated eateries in Key West. Doing so will ensure you aren’t disappointed with your restaurant choice.

Smathers Beach

Smathers Beach is the largest public beach in Key West. This beach is favored for its soft white sand and blue waters. The coastline of this beach is approximately a mile long, making it easy to find a relaxing spot to hang out.

A beach day is a romantic way to spend time together. Choose if you’d like to relax or be active and plan your activities accordingly.


The Festival season is a popular tourist attraction in Key West, especially for couples. Various festivals revolve around food, pride, and music. Some of Key West’s most notable festivals include:

  • Key West Pride
  • Key West Key Lime Festival
  • Key West Food and Wine Festival
  • Hemingway Days Festival
  • New Year’s Eve Festival

You will find something exciting going on at each of these festivals. You and your partner will love getting to experience some of the Key West culture.


Kayaking is a great physical activity that many couples regularly do together. Kayaking is especially great in Key West as you can explore the clear waters.

Many couples choose two-person kayaks to be closer and to work together while adventuring. However, you can choose separate kayaks. Doing so will allow each partner to go at their own pace without slowing one or the other down.

The best way to get the most out of your kayaking experience is to hire a guide. These guides will lead you to the best kayaking trails with the best views.

Key Lime Pie

Key West is famous for its delectable key lime pie. In fact, you can find multiple bakeries throughout the town that specialize in making key lime pie. Some notable bakeries include:

  • Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe
  • Key Lime Pie Bakery
  • Blue Heaven
  • The Cafe

Sharing a slice of this pie will be a special memory unique to Key West. After trying these pies, be sure to try other desserts from these local bakeries.

Mallory Square

Mallory Square is the social center for Key West, where you can find both locals and tourists. This square is the best sunset viewing location and has sunset celebrations each night. These viewings are a romantic way to end the evening with your partner.

The square is lined with shops and restaurants. However, you can simply relax and enjoy the view of the turquoise waters that surround the area.

Exciting Things to Do in Key West for Couples

This guide of things to do in Key West for couples will help make your vacation worthwhile. Remember to try key lime pie and bike riding on your trip.

Don’t forget to contact us for any of your bike rental needs. We will take the best care of you here at Island Safari Rentals!