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Exciting Family Things to Do in Key West

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Watching the sunset with your family may be a favorite pastime, but there’s more to it than that.

Key West, Florida, sure has a lot to offer families with enough time to enjoy the “wonders” of this little island and check some things off your bucket list. With such an array of cool things to do in and around Key West, there’s no need to worry about boredom during your stay.

But for many, the question is, what are the best family things to do in Key West?

Whether you’ve got the whole day to play or just a short visit, you can enjoy the beauty and vibrancy of the island and live your best life. Here are a few ideas!

Go on a Dolphin Safari

Even if you are not traveling with kids, this is a great activity to participate in. Consider booking a trip on a passenger boat if you want to get close to wild dolphins.

You also might spot other kinds of marine animals, such as manatees, sea turtles, and stingrays.

Make sure to bring fruits such as pineapple to throw to them in the water if you want to see them go into a feeding frenzy.

Most people who go on dolphin safaris will come across at least one pod of friendly dolphins that are playing in the open water.

Since they will not be afraid to swim close to your boat for photo ops, this is one of the best family activities if you are on vacation with your kids.

Most dolphin safaris will include a short snorkeling adventure in the reefs, and all of the necessary snorkeling equipment will be included.

If you book a dolphin safari in the afternoon, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful Key West sunset while you are on the water.

Don’t Miss Out on Riding the Conch Tour Train

This is one of the can’t-miss family activities for those who make a trip to Key West. Many Key West top-ten lists include the Conch Tour Train for good reason.

The train has been running since nineteen fifty-eight, and those who ride it will quickly familiarize themselves with the island and its most important historical sights.

This is also an inexpensive activity for families because children who are less than twelve years old will ride for free.

The train’s guides will tell you all about the island’s most important sights and historic districts. In fact, the train passes by many points of interest, such as Southernmost Point and Earnst Hemmingway’s home.

Keep in mind that you will probably get wet if you ride the Conch Tour Train on rainy days. Therefore, be sure to pack rain gear for you and your family if you don’t want to get wet.

After taking a ride on the train, you’ll have a basic understanding of the island’s most interesting spots. This means that it will be easy for you to find your way around Key West if you decide to rent bicycles.

The Key West Shipwreck Museum

Many hundreds of ships have sunk along the Florida Keys. You can find out about the most noteworthy shipwrecks by visiting this lovely museum.

When you enter the museum, somebody will be there to greet you and offer a short storytelling presentation. You can then take a tour of the museum.

You’ll see artifacts from ships that sunk in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. There are also various video and audio presentations.

There is even a sixty-four-pound bar of silver that you can try to lift off of the ground.

While you are visiting this museum, don’t miss out on the opportunity to climb the sixty-four-foot tower that overlooks the island and its stunning waters.

After visiting the Key West Shipwreck Museum, consider making your way to the Mel Fisher Museum if you are interested in learning more about famous shipwrecks near the Florida Keys.

The Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center

If you are looking for things to do in Key West that are free, you should make a trip to the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center.

This is an ideal activity if you are on a family vacation because it will give you the chance to learn about the ecosystems of the Florida Keys.

The Eco-Discovery Center is located right next door to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park.

Your children will be able to explore an interactive satellite map of the Florida Keys, a replica of the Aquarius underwater ocean laboratory, and a video camera that scientists use to assess the health of the coral reef.

The most popular attraction at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center is a twenty-five hundred-gallon fish tank that is filled with living corals and colorful fish.

Lastly, don’t forget to stop at the center’s theater if you want to watch a short film about the Florida Keys’ diverse ecosystems.

Bicycle Rentals: The Best Way to Explore Key West

Despite the fact that Key West has many fascinating points of interest, many visitors don’t realize that the island is only four miles long.

This means that it is possible to visit the entire island in a single day if you are on a bicycle.

It is inexpensive to rent a bicycle in Key West. And there are lots of great bike paths and routes. Just make sure that you and your family understand the rules of the road if you choose to travel across the island on bicycles.

Fort Zachary Taylor State Park

People who visit Key West for the first time often make the mistake of assuming that there are pristine white-sand beaches in all directions. The truth is that they are few and far between.

Thankfully, For Zachary Taylor State Park has sparkling beaches that are well-maintained. The fort was built in eighteen sixty-six, and it played a critical role in the Civil War and the Spanish-American War.

You can find out more about the fort’s historic importance by taking a tour, which takes place every day at eleven a.m.

 The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

Your children’s eyes will fill with awe when they enter the butterfly garden that is filled with fluttering butterflies, tropical birds, exotic fish, and turtles.

The conservatory typically houses around two thousand butterflies at a time. When they decide to land on you, it is a sign of good luck.

This is a great place to take photos of your children, especially if you are able to pose alongside a Blue Morpho.

This is a great place to go if you want to give your children the chance to learn about the area’s unique animal species.

Higgs Beach

Higgs Beach is located near Old Town Key West. This is an ideal beach for those who want to enjoy the sun and take a dip in shallow and calm waters.

There are lots of amenities at the beach, such as volleyball courts, tennis courts, a playground, and even a dog park.

You can get a great view of the Atlantic Ocean by walking down White Street Pier. Once you reach the end of the pier, you and your children can throw snacks or bread crumbs to the fish and watch them go into a frenzy.

At Higgs Beach, it is possible to rent kayaks, umbrellas, paddleboards, and beach chairs.

Key West Aquarium

Key West Aquarium is conveniently right next to Mallory Square. It was originally built in nineteen thirty-four, which means that it is one of Florida’s oldest aquariums.

Even though it is not very large, it is a great aquarium to visit if you want to offer your children the opportunity to hold sea cucumbers, horseshoe crabs, and conchs.

When you visit the aquarium, look out for eels, seahorses, lobsters, and stingrays.

Participate in Watersports

Don’t miss out on the chance to spend time on the water if you visit Key West. You can go parasailing, windsurfing, and jet skiing.

There are various businesses that will take care of all of the details to make sure that all you’ll need to do is relax and have fun.

There Are Many Family Things to Do in Key West

There are many great family things to do in Key West. Don’t miss out on visiting the island’s top museums, beaches, and aquariums.

One of the best ways to experience Key West is by riding a bike. If you need to rent one, we are here to help you. Don’t hesitate to check out the bicycle rentals that we have available.