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Best Places on the Island for Key West Bike Rentals


a man riding a bicycle on a beach

Key West is a great holiday destination and you can make the experience even more memorable by getting a Key West bike rental to cruise around the island. Some of the sights and experiences the island offers you include a trip to Old Town, freestyling a bike tour, and going around the historic locations in Key West. Get started on making the most of your vacation by visiting the best places on the island that are ideal trips for Key West Bike Rentals from Island Safari Rentals. 


Catch the Sunset at Mallory Square

Every holiday destination has a unique spot that attracts both tourists and locals, and of those spots in Key West is Mallory Square. You can cycle to the square from pretty much anywhere on the island and the trip is going to be worth it when you catch a glimpse of the stunning sunset views at Mallory Square. The backdrop of music and nightlife activities makes it the perfect evening activity for your vacation. 


Freestyle a Tour 

The beauty of Key West is that you can head out without a plan and still have the most magical experience. When you are cycling, you have the flexibility of being spontaneous without worrying too much about convenience because you can cycle on most roads, except Duval Street, and park in front of almost every establishment. Let the winds guide you and discover Key West for your thrills! If you are traveling with friends or family, you can rent any of our group or duo bike options at Island Safari Rentals and really create a special memory from your visit to Key West. 


Take a dip or soak in the sun at the beach

If you think it’s cool that Key West’s main streets were bike-friendly, wait till you find out that the beaches on the island are just as ideal for a bike ride. In fact, we have special sports cruisers and adult bikes that are suitable for a trip down to the beach. You can visit the Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park Beach or any of the other free/paid beaches on the island. And you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog behind because some beaches are dog-friendly! 


Relax – Enjoy – Dance

All in all, Key West offers a vacation experience that is wholesome and complete. You can relax with a spa and massage treatment at any of the hospitality and wellness locations on the island while cycling. As long as you are adhering to the rules applicable to riders in Key West, the possibilities of your vacation are truly endless! Make the most of it with a bike rental from Island Safari Rentals to enjoy the perfect holiday experience. 


Come to Island Safari Rentals for Key West Bike Rentals

With a premium selection of cruisers and electric bikes from Island Safari Rentals, you can enjoy a unique holiday experience in Key West without going out of your budget or denying yourself the simple delights the island has to offer. Contact Island Safari Rentals to book your preferred vacation bike rental for the ultimate Key West vacation! 


There are a lot of rental places in Key West, which means you’ll need to weed through the unsatisfactory locations to find the perfect option. Island Safari Rentals are one of the most reliable and professional options for bike rentals in Key West. Contact them ahead of your trip for information regarding transportation options. Come to Island Safari Key West for all your Key West bike rental needs. Whether you are looking for island bike rentals, tandem bike rentals, or Key West bicycle rentals, we have it all. You can find our Key West bike rental page here, or learn how to get in touch with us to get started. 

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