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Archive: Jul 2022

Where to Take Your Key West Bike Rentals

Key West is generally a bike-friendly Island which means there are tons of spots to explore on a Key West bike rental! With a bike from Island Safari Rentals, the entire Island is your oyster. There are attractions to explore, a collection of cuisine treasures to try out, nightlife to enjoy, and sensational sights to see on wheels. A bike rental is that springboard you need to soak in the beauties of Key West. So where do you take your Island Safari Bike rental? Check out the top spots below! Ernest Hemingway Home If you’re a fan of literary works, the Hemingway home will definitely pique your curiosity. Hemingway is an iconic figure in the world of writing and also in Key West. He lived in Key West in the 1930s and gave the care of his home to the…

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July 22, 2022

Key West Bike Rentals – Why Rent for Your Vacation

What is a Key West vacation without a Key West bike rental? Simply put – loads of pressure and glitches. Vacationing should be fun for all. Exploring the possibilities on the Island without a bike opposes a delightful vacation. As a tourist, you can ride to the hard-to-reach areas with an Island Safari bike rental. You also get a first-hand local experience in a cool and cycling-friendly atmosphere. Check out some more reasons why you should get a bike from Island Safari rentals: Lightens Your Luggage  Instead of hauling your bike from home, a simple alternative to that would be to rent a bike from Island Safari rentals. It saves you stress, more weight, and inconvenience. If you’re coming through the airport, you might also be charged for your extra load (bike) at the airport. At Island Safari Bike Rentals,…

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July 8, 2022