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Archive: Sep 2022

Key West Bike Rentals – What You Need to Know

Getting a Key West bike rental on your next island vacation is necessary. You need it for convenient navigation on the island. Bikes are also great options for quality time, exercise, and exploration. Getting a bike rental from Island Safari Rentals is the best decision you can make in Key West. Island Safari offers a variety of high-quality bike rental options. Here is a guide about Island Safari Rental options to make your Key West stay stress-free – Tandem bikes What if we told you that you don’t have to bike alone – you can bike with some company! These bikes are comfortable and long enough for two passengers. It is recommended for individuals who are 16 years and above. Our tandem bikes can be gotten at a minimal price of $30 to $200 for up to two weeks of…

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September 23, 2022

Why You Need a Key West Bike Rental on Your Next Vacation

Are you in the need of a Key West bike rental on your next vacation? If you’re considering Key West for your next vacation, you have an eye for the good stuff! Key West Island is packed with loads of delightful activities for your vacation including biking! Bikes are never out of style. From old town to new town in Key West, bikes are the finest means to get around Key West. What’s more? Biking allows an up close and personal view of the breathtaking island. Here are some more reasons why you need an Island Safari bike rental on your Key West vacation: Trouble-free parking With a bike rental in Key West, you really don’t have to worry about parking space. Bikes are less demanding in terms of parking space when compared to other vehicles. They are lightweight and…

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September 9, 2022