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Archive: May 2022

Getting Around with Bike Rentals vs. Walking in Key West

You need to get a Key West bike rental if you are making the trip. Key West is an island that welcomes various forms of transportation. It’s friendly for walkers, bikes, cars, buses, and even for the coo-coo roosters. In as much as Key West welcomes several means of commuting, there are some which might be more preferable or less preferable to you depending on some specifics. New to the island? Check out our guide below on which is better “getting around with a bike vs walking in Key West.” Let’s dive in. Easy movement  Key West offers tons of treasures, historic sites, and beaches to explore. And this should be enjoyed in the most hassle-free manner. Although several parts of Key West are walkable, bikes allow for easier movements in a flexible way. What better way to enjoy the…

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May 20, 2022

Our Selection of Key West Bike Rentals

Have you considered getting a Key West bike rental when you are on the island? Whether you’re in Key West for a vacation or you’re a local, a bike is your best bet for navigating the island in a hitch-free manner. Key West is known for being a bike-friendly environment with biking laws to keep you safe. With a bike rental from Island safari, getting around the island is always easy. We provide lots of bike rental options suitable for all capacity levels, and the best customer service. So hop on and kick start your exploration of the beautiful island with the options below: Adult cruisers Our Adult cruiser bikes are great for the exploration of Key West’s onshore beauties. These adult cruisers are available for daily and weekly rentals at a minimal price of $20 and a maximum of…

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May 6, 2022