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Archive: Sep 2021

What to Know When Renting a Bike in Key West

Key West is an awesome vacation spot, so why not enjoy it with some Key West bike rentals? The island has a lot to be unpacked by tourists and for every time you return, there is something new to be discovered in Key West. How better to discover the city you are vacationing in than a bicycle ride around its best spots? Key West is a bike-friendly city and renting a bike is the best way to blend in with the locals. You can rent a cruiser bike, tandem bike, single seater, or two-seater bicycle, depending on your travel company and preference. You can also check out some of the amazing sights and locations in Key West. But, most importantly, before you walk down to a rental company, there are few things you need to know when renting a bike…

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September 24, 2021

A Guide to All The Key West Bike Rental Types We Offer

Key West is popular for its snorkeling and parks but the bike-friendly island offers an amazing cycling experience – which is why there are so many Key West bike rentals! And you can enjoy the experience while riding a rental bike from Island Safari Rentals. Whether you are travelling alone, coming with friends, a special someone, or your family, we have different bike rental types to offer you. The types of rental bicycles we have at Island Safari Rentals include;     Adult Cruiser  Take in the sights of Key West from the comfort of our adult cruiser bicycle. It can be used by anyone above the age of 11, as long as they know how to pedal -or are ready to learn. You can rent the Island Safari Adult Cruiser bicycle for $12/day and $60/week, depending on the length of…

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September 17, 2021

The Best Way to Get Around: Key West Bike Rentals

With bike lanes on most streets, it is not surprising that bikes are the most common mode of transportation in Key West – so why not get a Key West bike rental? To enjoy the full experience, you have to get around Key West while cycling. Not only will it help you blend it with the locals, it is fun, fast, and you never have to worry about parking. And if you are wondering about how to get the perfect bike for your trip, Key West Bike Rentals are the only answer you need. Here at Island Safari Rentals, we offer bicycle rentals to fit every type of traveler -and for every need.    Key West Bike Rental Types   Adult Cruiser – Standard bicycles for people aged 11 and above. Perfect for solo trips around Key West.    Sports…

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September 10, 2021

Key West Bike Rentals: Road Rules and Safety Tips

Key West is a unique island in Florida that offers one of the best biking experiences in America, so why not get a Key West bike rental? If you can cycle and you’re visiting Key West, then renting a bike is something you have to do! Before you hop on a bike though, there are some road rules and safety tips that you need to know. Ready to bike in Key West? Stick to these rules! When it is Dark, Turn On Your Lights It goes without saying that driving/cycling in the dark is not safe for you, other motorists/cyclists, and pedestrians. This road rule applies everywhere in the world, including Key West. If you are riding a bike at night, leave the lights on -whether it’s a rental or not. If the bike doesn’t come with headlights, look for…

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September 3, 2021